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About me

Short bio
Ochoa Lab
Ochoa Lab, at Duke University
Research in statistical genetics and computational biology
My Research Summary
My Research Summary, in statistical and computational biology
I've studied evolution in DNA and proteins, and malaria.
CVRRICVLVM VITAE, my course of life
Yes, I've been a nerd since I was little.

Computational biology

simfam, simulate and model family pedigrees with structured founders
Simulate random pedigrees, calculate kinship and admixture matrices, draw genotypes
simtrait, simulate complex traits from genotypes
Sets heritability accurately
genio, genetics input/output R functions
Handles plink and other formats
popkin, estimate population kinship and the generalized FST
Based on a model of arbitrary population structure
BNPSD, simulate genotypes from the BN-PSD admixture model
Based on the Balding-Nichols, Pritchard-Stephens-Donnelly, and generalized FST models
DomStratStats, stratified statistics for protein domains
Compute domain q-values and local FDRs, and tiered q-values
dPUC 2
dPUC 2, Domain Prediction Using Context
Extend your Pfam predictions without loss of precision using domain context!
RandProt, generate high-order Markov random protein sequences
Fast implementation that captures subtleties of protein sequences
Domain predictions for the Apicomplexa
dPUC, Domain Prediction Using Context
Extend your Pfam predictions without loss of precision using domain context!


Prison for Kids
Prison for Kids, my fan page
A wikipedia-style article of this amazing band
Prison for Kids Lyrics
Prison for Kids Lyrics, and liner notes
Covers every release (albums, EPs, singles)
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Prison for Kids Pictures - Live Shows
César's original soundtracks
César's original soundtracks, from his short films
Excellent music back when he was only an amateur in college
29 items
Rock Concerts
Rock Concerts, In My Experience
A list of concerts that I've been to with a lot of information about them, including links to pictures.
32 items

Video and photography

MolBio Holiday Party Skits
MolBio Holiday Party Skits, at Princeton
The department has a holiday party with skits made by graduate students.
41 items
Cesar's short films
Cesar's short films, Inspired and filmed in Juarez
Directed and have music by César
21 items
Garcia, the family of my mother
It focuses mainly on my grandfather Baronio Garcia Montalvo, and in my childhood with the family.
18 items

88 items
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Ochoa, the Family Name
A brief history of my paternal family name.
A collection of quotes that I like a lot.
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FDR and q-values
FDR and q-values, illustrating John Storey's method
Computing the false discovery rate is easier than you imagine!
Information theory
Information theory, with intuitive examples on personal data
Names, birthdates, addresses, and other data.

Programming and computers

My website
My website, a brief history
Knowing how to program, and wanting to post lots of pictures, have been the main driving forces behind my website.