Dead Kingdom


by Prison for Kids

Lyrics and liner notes


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Liner notes

Front cover by César Ochoa.
Back cover by Aida Daneshvar.
Engineered and mixed by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL, on October 16th, 2018.
Mastered by John Golden at Golden Mastering.

1. Dead Kingdom (Part 1)

Drums/Vocals: Christopher Dreisbach.
Bass/Guitar/Backing Vox: César Ochoa.

Faces around me flutter in the dark
They're shivering, waiting for a spark
Oh, dead kingdom

Distant laughter, a blink of the eye
Birds underground, you're wondering why
Lost their place in a crowded sky
Oh, dead kingdom

He's not your father, you know what I mean
Take no comfort in being seen
Clean your money with gasoline
Oh, dead kingdom

Door smashed in, licking lips, shapeless, vacant
Losing grip
Hand grenade, frothing mouth, bit your head
Yeah, going south

Walk in silence through a painted night
Chemical sunset beyond your sight
You set the charges, but they never ignite
Oh, dead kingdom

2. Dead Kingdom (Part 2)

Bass/Vocals: Christopher Dreisbach.
Guitar: César Ochoa.

Cherish all the scraps you get
Ask for more, you'll make them sick
Lucky to have served the ruling class

Gentle threats can sound naive
This kind of ghost will never leave
Don't expect him to feel any shame

Lessons burned, you can not tell
This is the stuff of future hell
Promise me you'll build another door

3. Sporns

Guitar: César Ochoa.
Drums: Christopher Dreisbach.


4. HUD is Done

Noise/Guitar/Vocals: César Ochoa.
Drums/Backing Vox: Christopher Dreisbach.

Your cover is blown, and you just stare
A taste of truth, you refuse to dwell
Would you read if it was a dare?
Just admit for once
Your thoughts are for sale
Won't hear, but you shout

Strangely mutate to hate yourself
A useful idiot, stumbling out down
Only in your solipsistic head
Have you made your bed

Gods, now, stand up for Bastards
Let the anger grow
Upon the dead weeds thou sow
Food for rotten birds
It's your door

Capital Protection Agency
Pollution Conservations League
Nihilistic Russian Appropriation
Leave behind the whole nation

Wanton boys now kill for sport
Cause they think they've won
There's only one thing I see
HUD is done

Yet you think that a fat cat
Mother fucking cares
It's all done, with no plight and no might

Skeptic of the skeptics, do you listen?
Believe me, not your lying eyes and ears

Pleasure for you is to pick your own pocket
To give to those who lie
That's what you want
Now fear your doubt