Revived Divine


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Letras y notas de la cubierta


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Notas de la cubierta

Christopher Dreisbach: voz, guitarra, trompeta, sintetizadores.
César Ochoa: voz, guitarra principal, bajo.
Keith Krey: batería.
Owen Granich-Young: mezcla, flauta.
Mezclado en los Estudios OCD en Echo Park, Los Angeles, California.
Escrito, grabado, arreglado y producido por Christopher Dreisbach y César Ochoa.
Portada por Christopher Dreisbach, fotografiado por Aida Daneshvar.

1. On Night

Too many fortunes
For just one night
Couldn’t tell if
You lost your sight
Too many questions
For just one night
Play these songs by
Broken light

2. Who Cares

You may have brought your razor blade
What a never ever ending bore
Rest up, everyone you know
Will just say what will save them

What a way to finally learn you’re capable
What a way to finally learn who cares

Venir a comprar,
a vender, a pagar
y tocar a si mismos,
tiempo muerto
Probar tu boca,
ver tu párpado
huele tu nariz
y se feliz.

Que forma de finalmente aprender que eres capaz.
Que forma de finalmente aprender a quien le importas.

3. It Doesn’t Say

It doesn’t say
That struggle is shameful
It doesn’t say
So let’s not prepare
Another book that reads as a silence
Who was I to say?
It doesn’t say
What it means to be tasteful
It doesn’t say
To piss on the square
Who was I?

4. Somehow, Fearlessly

You somehow treat it fearlessly
And it sounds like you say
Avoid it and it’ll go away
Oh I’m here
Change my mind any time
Didn’t you say you needed time?
We slip into it easily
Fittingly, comfortably
Wear it ‘til it rips apart
Don’t you want it to taste sweeter from her glass?
Never mind how long it lasts
Keep pretending you are getting
Away with, with it all
I can see you standing there
So obvious, obvious
Let’s agree to scrape it all away
When will we ever mend this thing?
Close your eyes, bite my tongue
Let it pass and we’ll be fine
We’re all tired, we’re all sad all the time
But black and white corrupts the mind

5. Revived Divine

Said you couldn’t have it
‘Cause you didn’t understand it
You were revived divine
Oblivious, refuse
To self-diffuse
You were resigned to find
I cannot tell you more
Until you close the door
You were inclined and kind
Said you couldn’t have it
‘Cause you didn’t understand it
You were revived divine
This is the way back
This is the way back
This is the way
This is the way

6. Watts


7. Scratched Fingers

There was an answer for me
I needed it back
And when you truly came home
We painted it red
You hold it in the shoulders
I scratched my fingers
And when the building shakes
It wasn’t so bad
It was just ok

8. Pünktlich

Pleasure to start
Painless to end it
Just say the word
I’ll stand in line
Grateful to be here
Thankful to leave here
Give you my word
I’ll be on time
Change all your clocks now
Reset the passwords
Give you my word
We’ll be just fine
I’ll be on time
You’ll be on time
We’ll be on time
We’ll be on time
We’ll be on time
We’ll be on time

9. This is Barbara