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Notas de la cubierta

Nuestro nuevo álbum, Swill Purl, nació de los demos sinuosos de guitarra acústica de César y la repugnancia de la política partisana tanto arriba como abajo del Rio Bravo. En el curso de varios meses, y con la ayuda de Chris y Keith, estos demos florecieron en canciones extrañas, audaces, y a veces delicadas.

Como toda nuestra música, Swill Purl no hubiera sido posible sin la ayuda generosa de Owen Granich-Young. Esta vez fuimos suficientemente suertudos de haberlo tenido mezclando cada pista. No es de cada día tener un ingeniero de sonido de tele y películas mezclando tus canciones.

César Ochoa: voz, letra, guitarra principal, bajo.
Christopher Dreisbach: voz, guitarra, trompeta, sintetizadores.
Keith Krey: batería.
Mezclado por Owen Granich-Young en los Estudios OCD en Echo Park, Los Angeles, California.
Portada por César Ochoa y Christopher Dreisbach

1. Beauty and the doppelgängers

Fake it till you break it,
No matter what the cost.
Out of my way
Except on the way down
What's the ranking
And what's your story about?
Missed opportunity
Or true beauty?

It's nothing that we need at all

Just before washing out
And tell us

What's good and what's vital?
Don't dream you've been lied to.

Come on,
Just before washing out
And tell us.

(Coro x4)

Wrong but you like it.
So don't try to hide it.

Shiny new thing,
More than a fling
So fake it.
Not hard to fake it.
It's nothing to fake it.
Why can't you
Show me something real?

Why try to find complacency?

Nothing that we need at all
Scream before washing out
Tell us,
(Coro x2.5)
Nothing that we need at all
So scream before washing out

2. Lines (never end)

What would you try?
Would you jump ship if it ends?
Then when you die,
Too late to gift the truth it sends.

While others try, why bother?
He's a lover, she's alarmed.
She begs for him to cross the line
He does a dance and...


He builds a case, she listens,
Never feeling satisfied.
Fall inside through erosion
Build it up, halfway, we tried


And then she took a hammer
To his pretty little lies.

3. Red falcon takeover

Quit weeping,
And see.
The passive risk,
You choose to fix.
Soars high,
Low blow,

Dismay, dismay!
Red across the land.
As father the son.
Nothing will release.

As you reclaim your face
The boring choice
Left without a voice
Will the sycophant stand?
Sand boils fast.

Restrain your ways
Said amongst the crowd
Must we change midway?
Morals won't withstand

Yes it is too late.
Need only fate,
To set it straight
As all stocks fall.

Still reeling.
Too late to erase.
Mistaken mistake.
Now turns to hate,
All over.

As you groan I just scratch my head
When you've grown you'll understand
Where were you when the lights fell?
The smoke overcame as
The stench overwhelmed

When will you diffuse your views?
The earth will dispose of
The swill it begot
We'll be gone.


Still reeling,
All over,
As you takeover
The smoke overcame as
The stench overwhelmed
Dispose of the swill
It begot, we'll be gone

4. Teresa

My bane,
My fame,
The same
We all end like this.

Burn like me,
Chosen and broken
Trust, have faith.
No purpose, no meaning.
Who have they sent?
Faint footsteps.
I won't turn back I fear.
From this place I though unreal

See for myself.
Keep on watching,
I won't turn back
I fear
I see myself
(Coro 2 x2)

(Coro 1)

Our ascent,
I have sinned.

(Coro 2 x3)

5. Globetrotter

Surveyor of lies,
You have to find her
As you bet time flies.
So trot this globe bare
What will it stir?

I wish I could
Skimp on pity
And not feel your acidity
Pain comes when you're mine
Blood when you're kind

Thick to the end
Aloud you'll restrain
Another person's fate
Make salient places
Turn to hell
Oh well...

From the angels to the pass.
All redundant labels
When sand turns to glass

Globetrotter to Mind Launderer
Don't you see?
That this is my time.
Don't you hear man,
That this is my find.
I'll gleam 'cause I can.

Oh to stand still.
War mongerer,
Now time runner.
But the only thing
I feel
Is the will to be
Everything you hate.

Surveyor of lies,
You've got to find her
And as you bet time flies
'Cause this is my time

Globetrotter to Mind Launderer
Don't you hear man?
That this is my time.
Now you see your end.
I'll build what you canned.

Choke while you steal
Word fumbler
Now hide; coward.
'Cause the only thing
I feel
Is the will to be
Everything you hate.

I wish I could draw my vision
Do anything to make you live it.
I want you livid.
Feeling tall and well
As you see things falling all around
Time to leave this mound.
For another town.

6. Segregator

That you are gold
Yet you're bored
You cannot be
Rest assured
It has all
Been foretold

Think it's clear
It follows still
Swallow the guilt
It barely seems real

Dealt in fear
Now don't hold it dear
Doubt that you will
Right what you feel.

Such disgrace,
Pass the blame

'Cause now you're free to roam
You're infused with scorn
Your stupor is blown

Through this rampant road out here
You wouldn't believe
You never come near.

It's not one
You get it in droves
It's what you detest
You put others through

(Coro 1)

I tell you brother that the whiner loses
When he continues with these empty abuses
No justice, no reason
Realize empathy's missing.

Spent it well
Not yours to dwell
Counting the ways
Ignoring the tells

Because these Motherfuckers
Killed so many brothers
If not their lives
Then just their souls
Across their sight
Erasing goals

If you see it
Why keep quiet?
Mindlessness in place
Won't cut it.

Trust these Motherfuckers
To wield a cross they borrow
They only pray
For your dismay
It won't decay
Just any day

Don't forget
Who screwed you over
Unless you're liking
That cold shoulder

(Coro 1, coro 2)

Injustice has been redefined
Only spread what you're inclined to find
Detachment refined
All other sources declined

(Coro 1)

That you are gold
Yet you're bored
You cannot be
Rest assured
It has all
Been foretold

They won't change unless they're forced to.
We'll ignore them 'cause they'll die soon.
Taste me, it's sweet, no enemies.

7. Lost your out

Reality compels to strike
Face down
Of course it's mine
Release the sound.

In the land of doubts
I can surmise
Parity's a dream
A vice disguised

It seems
Without my ears
You're lost
I see
The deal drop
As you stop

Don't bet your sight
Resist with all your might
Power's now been ceded

No cause
Way too soon.

When the thinkers
Take track
Whose side will
They back?

Succeed to buy
Half-life to rot
Between the eyes
Of giants we are mice

Especially if you try
To act their size
Though you might
It seems without
My fears
You lost your out

It feels
Without my tears
You lost your out.
Withdrawn I am sound.
Withdrawn I am sound.

8. Al caer

Raise a vision,
Good luck
It was falling

Water's browning
Nature's drowning
If you're fawning
It was falling

Al Caer
Decidí desvanecer
Sin mí mantuviste el flujo
Quisiera no entender

Pero al revés,
Le crees a quien temes
Contigo debí valer
Protegerte y así perder

It was falling
If you're fawning down.

9. Por temer


10. The lies that have brought us here

Abound around aloud
Abound around this town
Life spent,
I see no change
Another moment passed away
Second aching hour to day

Wined and dined
Staked on a hill
Hard to believe
Debating a deal
Agree on the steal
Pigs get their fill
What would be found?
When you look back and it aches? (x8)

Why waste your time,
And mine?
Blaming each other
We will never recover

Obsessed with the lies
That have brought us here
That's why I'm feeling ill
'Cause you're afraid to wield
Yes you're afraid to wield
And now our fate is sealed
Left naked with nil.

Round and round
Problems mound
Forget to accept
And stay a slave
To your passions in haste (x4)

Sorry to say
If you elect
And miss direct
Will make you love your mistakes (x7)

In my private hell
'Cause you're afraid.

Penthos (pista adicional)


Esta pista no está presente en la versión en linea. La versión en CD tiene esta pista entre Red Falcon Takeover y Teresa.