It is what it isn't


por Prison for Kids

Letras y notas de la cubierta


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Notas de la cubierta

Christopher Dreisbach: voz, guitarras, sintetizadores, batería.
César Ochoa: voz, guitarras, bajo.
Producido, arreglado y mezclado por Prison for Kids.
Pista 4 producida por Owen Granich-Young.
Portada por Aida Daneshvar

Gracias: Owen Granich-Young, Alex Knickerbocker, Andrew Behjatnia, Keith Krey, Jon Wald, Michael Cameron, Aida Daneshvar, Matthew Coleshill, Brian Miller, Arndt Peemoeller, Bedrock LA, 3 Clubs, Los Globos, Nick Cullen, Burgess Tomlinson, The Ochoa-García's and The Dreisbach-Authier's, Casa de Cosco's Couscous, Pocket + Milla + Thad, Hector "Reez" Ruiz, Roman Flores, Gustavo Gonzalez

1. Ampere repair


2. Do you remember you?

The same
I've never been the same
In someone else's bones

And it's a shame
To just forget about it
Far too brief
To just forget about it

My name
I never learned my name
A word
Another passing tone

(Coro x2)

The same
I've never been the same
In someone else's bones


3. Breezy hill

Green meadows
Green meadows
Green meadows
Watch them turn brown

4. Low fevers

I made us a new nest
You wear my favorite dress

We won't be here for long

I gave you a new lens
You took a photograph
Before we were born (x2)

5. It is what it isn't

Who said it died?
Who said it wasn't beating?
Stop talking
And you can still hear it breathing

It is what it isn't

We said it died
You said it wasn't beating
The trick was it was
Never really breathing


6. Your doubts

Another voice
"It's not for you"

Tras de la puerta
Un mundo repleto
A sort of life

(Todo x2)