Dirty numbers


por Prison for Kids

Letras y notas de la cubierta


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Notas de la cubierta

Christopher Dreisbach: voz, guitarra.
César Ochoa: voz, guitarra principal, bajo.
Keith Krey: batería.
Michael Cameron: Bajo en la pista 2.
Grabado por Michael Cameron y Prison for Kids.
Pista 1 producida por Michael Cameron
Voces de acompañamiento en la pista 6 por Aida Daneshvar y Michael Cameron
Producido, arreglado y mezclado por Prison for Kids.
Portada por Aida Daneshvar

Gracias: Owen Granich-Young, Alex Knickerbocker, Andrew Behjatnia, Keith Krey, Jon Wald, Michael Cameron, Aida Daneshvar, Matthew Coleshill, Brian Miller, Arndt Peemoeller, Bedrock LA, 3 Clubs, Los Globos, Nick Cullen, Burgess Tomlinson, The Ochoa-García's and The Dreisbach-Authier's, Casa de Cosco's Couscous, Pocket + Milla + Thad, Hector "Reez" Ruiz, Roman Flores, Gustavo Gonzalez

1. Blonde baby

When we went out to the ocean
I didn't see him rise for air
I wish you would help me find his body
But you're washing the sand from your hair

Blonde baby take your time now
Blonde baby look your best
Lift your chin up girl and
Stare out at the sun (x2)

The colors were bold but they washed away slowly
Prism lights behind my eyes
You kissed me and then I felt so handsome
But kisses evaporate into lies


2. Suggestion

I saw you laugh
You were dipping your toes
In a warm bath
Wash it away
You washed it away
Yeah, you washed it all

Impossible dream
Impossible visions of love

I saw you scared
You couldn't stop
Brushing your hair
Eyes in a mirror
You pulled it all out
Yeah, you pulled it all

Impossible dream
Impossible visions of blood

3. Pregnant (with violence)

I'd rather end it now
Than let it get dull
So driven by the pull,
No matter how

Next in row,
Getting under pointing forward
Without time to warm up
That blunder within.

I'm gone and it's back
Tingeing your tracks and what's more
I don't mind
I don't care
I don't give a fuck.

Let me find the means
Of breaking your seams
And I will let you down
But you can't leave me alone

Tell me why it hurts
And why I should put it down.

Alone it couldn't be
No room to rest in me
So rude but in ecstasy
No womb and no sympathy

Leave no stimulation intact
Away, made, shaped.

It escaped the gash.
This mauled trash
Now outside your grasp
Blood draped
You must be born again

4. Post-op bumpin'

I the one that's seen you around
Or where your sights set south bound
There's something off when you cough
When you breath

I don't know about them teeth
Oh, I see what they mean
All your flaws quick to hide underneath.

I won't buy your little scheme
Just let me read my book
I don't even want to see or hear about you
You're just a fucking crook

With pleasure I'll dirty the deed
Why use the word need
Improve the mood, that's your feed.

Hands game, villains shame
Quick to judge yet you keep on,
Sit on, still?
First you want then deny, oh my!
The moment's real, just enough
To fit the bill.

(Coro 1)

Yes, we roll and we tumble
Pass the ball for one round
It really made me numb though.

It does feel real
An art your steal
I know it won't last
Plastic grasp so vast.

I see a beauty,
Too near to be

A risk too big
The one way to keep
I will try,
After all alive.

(Coro 2 x2)

The taste indistinct
Your face, debased.
No words, no feeling
No pores, un-faced.

It pains to say goodbye.

5. Crayons

Wasn't that fun?
All those pretty little things
They could barely even whisper
Now failing at what they seemed

I should have done more
But does it even really matter?
Everything seemed like a shore
A speck of time out the door.

Useless and benign,
Who would want that?
The memory's better than
That restless moment.

In a dream
I could hear
They still talk,
Can kinda walk

Passed on by the rush.
Was that trip much too much?
Just like before.
Stone wall faced,
Efforts piss poor.

Though I took you on a whim
Let me tell you what I did
Was not a sin, not a sin

Useless and Benign,
Digging through your line
My memory's better than
That weathered leather.

Useless and Benign,
Digging through your line
Begging through your mind,
Burn and turn to wine

What should I do?
Cause I'm stuck just like before
Stone wall faced,
The efforts are piss poor.

Useless and Benign,
Digging through your line
My memory's better than
That weathered leather,
Never better.

Wasn't that fun?
Tell me.
Has desperation set in?

Why has it been?
You think that we is fucked up
Even though they are fine.

You have the money
Yet don't have the time.
What I did was not too much.

Useless and benign.
That's what
You were,
We were,
No more.

High and why?
When not much else comes
Out of empty shells
Blood on the streets
Where we live.

Blood on those streets
Where me meet
But not much else comes out.

But what else can I get
Out of you
When the only thing
You bring
Are chiming bells.
Destroying those things,
What it brings.

Blood on the streets
Where we meet
When not much else comes
Out of empty shells

6. Party 2

I've been away so long
Can you tell me
Where I can find a bite?
It's been almost 10 years

That's right (x2)

It's been this way so long
Can you be here
And make no promises?
It's been almost 10 years
Can I tell you
I'll never give it up

Still morning
Still morning
Still morning and its sunless

(Coro 1, coro 2)