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Letras y notas de la cubierta


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Notas de la cubierta

César Ochoa: guitarras, bajo, teclados, voz.
Christopher Dreisbach: guitarras, batería, percusiones, voz.
Batería en las pistas 2, 5, 7, y 9 por Jonathan Wald.
Producido, arreglado y mezclado por Prison for Kids.
Grabaciones adicionales y producción por Owen Granich-Young.
Mezclado en las pistas 5, 7 y 9 por Alex Knickerbocker.
Foto de la portada por Stephanie J. Stine.
Modelo de la portada: Maggie VandenBerghe.

Gracias: Owen Granich-Young, Alex Knickerbocker, Andrew Behjatnia, Keith Krey, Jon Wald, Michael Cameron, Aida Daneshvar, Matthew Coleshill, Brian Miller, Arndt Peemoeller, Bedrock LA, 3 Clubs, Los Globos, Nick Cullen, Burgess Tomlinson, The Ochoa-García's and The Dreisbach-Authier's, Casa de Cosco's Couscous, Pocket + Milla + Thad, Hector "Reez" Ruiz, Roman Flores, Gustavo Gonzalez

1. Bees and aches


2. Kill

As I want the want.
You blame the weak for
The bleeding of the strong.

Step on me again,
One more time
Leave it behind.
I should know,
One ain't all.
They're not your kind
But one ain't all.
What is all? One is all?
One is all.



3. Kino

Thought I was devoid of your wrong
I cast a print, a shadow alone.
Thought I was done, the time was stalled
It didn't last long.

4. King

Your purpose ends.

5. Queen


6. 'Round 'here

We don't want no mo people
We don't fear,
Not one single stink-hole
Fucking a'

Not a word or we'll blow you up
Let freedom ring
The soil the sail and the wind,
They tell me that it's all mine.

7. Tippy toes

This morning I walked around you
Now I see that's how you do
All these things are long gone
Finished on top, you're done.

Then I leave a note
A call, a kiss
Will you miss this?
Or will you just gloat?

Back again in the trenches
Fun to begin
As long as it's you
Not these other wenches.

But there must be something I wasn't told.
Must be something here that I need.
What is it? Is it a punt?
Kick it high, beat and mean.

Tipping and tumbling
Hear me mumbling
Tipping and tumbling
Lives are ending


Won't you tell me about this?
You didn't tell me about this
Why didn't you tell me about this?

8. Deny the obvious


9. Kitty

Let your feels spin my wheels
Make the strain the way to bail
Calm your nerves and finish your deals
Simple words make our memory fail

After all it’s pleasure through pain
Deny the ease it gave and not in vain.

What a shame, it won’t be the same.

Gave you more than was needed, feel it
After the violence you took it slow, I heeded
Aching back, shattered face, all for you
The one who stays and waits
The one who says no way.

So what the word, all four long
For under crushed knees
Live only vanquished ends
It makes no sense,
your silence.

Yet the doubt still gnaws at me
Destroying my lease of mind
Erasing what was lost behind
Fed you a line direct and right.

But close to done
you expected less
My duty, to shatter it all
and impress

Don’t let the words tangle
The facts that we mangle
Back up what you know,
Come polish your glow.

Get close, get close to me,
Proximity makes it perfectly clear
Mission blurred, not allured,
A little touch I heard it said.

Smell the taste left,
Wait for the day
You drift away,
Oh come what may.

And what will be the word?
All possibilities four long
For under crushed knees
Lives only vanquished ease.

Let your feels spin my wheels
Reality passed on and vain
Mounting reels, eat bitter pills
Idle thoughts receded and tame

Give me all at least some pain
Inside that place, it aint in vain
Hurt me deep but please don’t flee
What you give washed down, that’s key.

(Coro 1)

So what will be the word?
All possibilities four long
For under crushed knees
Lives only vanquished dreams.