Panoramic Pictures

by Alejandro Ochoa García

Interesting panoramic pictures.


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Each file, unless it says otherwise, is composed of 11 different pictures pasted together. I arranged them such that it looks somewhat continuous, but it looks cool anyway when it's discontinuous. The files are rather big, but I think it's worth the wait to download them.

Note: the two files in each section have the same picture, it's just in different sizes. You decide: quality versus space-time.

Picture of my Room


Get to know in depth my room in Ciudad Juárez like it was just before I left for college at Boston.

Ultra quality (you can even read random stuff in my room).
9793x1417 px
4.96 MB

Ultra ugly (for those desperate ones not willing to wait a few minutes downloading the pic). Just kidding, it still looks cool.
2449x355 px
457 KB

Killian Court Covered in Snow (MIT)


The smudges you see are my finger that got in the way, oops. However, there wasn't a better time to take that picture so I left it like that. You can see Killian Court (most of the picture), MIT's Green Building (the tallest one in Cambridge), and Boston in the other side of the river, including the Prudential (the tallest building in Boston).

Ultra quality (to feel like you were there, you might even feel cold).
9150x1350 px
4.43 MB

Ugly (low quality).
2284x337 px
338 KB

Guanajuato and the CIMAT from the Valenciana


This landscape consists of only four pictures, and because of the big overlaps they probably correspond to three pics in size. In the foreground you can see the Investigation Center of Mathematics (CIMAT in Spanish). To the left you can see the rest of the Valenciana and in the valley is the center of Guanajuato. Somebody said the house to the left belongs to the mayor, and it's nice. I took this in my January 2003 visit to Guanajuato.

Ultra quality (this one is not that big).
3636x1018 px
898 KB

A fourth of the area.
1818x509 px
275 KB

MIT and Boston from Simmons Hall


This one consists of only two pictures, corresponding to two after the overlaps. In the foreground is MIT's Briggs Field. The buildings to the side of the river are dorms, and to the left you can see the domes of the main campus buildings. The river is white because it is frozen and snowed over.

Ultra quality (this one is not too big either)
2578x945 px
754 KB

A fourth of the area.
1289x473 px
259 KB