nVIDIA Drivers Follow-up

STOP Errors in Windows XP

by Alejandro Ochoa García

The conclusion of my problems.


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The Prequel

If you haven't done so already, you should probably read my problems first, using the link below.

nVIDIA Drivers
nVIDIA Drivers, STOP Errors in Windows XP
An e-mail that I sent to Gateway/nVIDIA so that they could fix my problems.

The Outcome

Dear readers,

I've been meaning to write a follow-up to the errors I encountered, given that it is one of the pages most often visited in my site.

First, no. nVIDIA never helped me with my problem. Since their hardware was, or so it seems, custom-made to be an inseparable part of my motherboard, the people directly responsible for the whole device was my vendor, Gateway. I think it is very annoying that nVIDIA can't help you with their own products, but then again life is annoying. I saw their KBA, only about a million times! It was all a waste of time. My problem just didn't match any of the known bugs out there. I don't really blame them, my problem was just weird.

Gateway seemed to know less. I actually contacted them first. They simply recommended me to "remove and reinstall the video driver." I got them very confused when I got back to them, since I told them I tried to instal Linux and I had problems as well. (Note for the future, don't ever bring up Linux in customer support inquiries). Their reply went of a tangent and they simply failed to help me with my WinXP problem. Thus, I gave up asking them. I got annoyed mostly by Gateway because the problem was their responsability, and because their customer service just sucks.

In the end I concluded that my computer must have had a hardware problem, not caused by driver incompatibility, mainly since my problems were so unique (based on online searches). The same drivers seem to be involved in a lot of problems, but none were exactly like mine. If the problems had been driver-related, then many people with similar setups would have the same problems as me (and it is fair to assume that people with systems with setups similar to mine, and who would have posted there problems online, exist. The internet is very big and all-encompasing, like God but more reachable).

Finally, I took my computer to Best Buy, where they tried to reinstall the operating system and failed (not surprisingly, since I tried that about a million times). They got back to me about a month later and told me that the problem seemed to be the hard drive. I didn't really buy it, and I don't think they actually got to the root of the problem, but they took the easy way out and simply offered me a new computer as a replacement, same model (and needless to say, same drivers). This is the computer I've been using for a term now and it's been working like a wonder! None of the symptoms ever reappeared. Thus, the problem was definitely hardware, but it's not clear exactly what it was.

I repeat, in my case the problems were definitely not caused by drivers. Note that does not imply that your problems and their causes are similar to mine. The errors suggest that it might have been an nVIDIA hardware problem (cheap manufacturing?). That is not clear, maybe the drivers were innocent bystanders of some other hardware crashing (especially since the drivers are involved in so many different errors).

If you still think your problem is similar to mine, then I recommend that you use your warranty, if you have one, to get a new system, or that you contact the vendor. I tried for too long to beat the problem with my almost-invincible nerdiness, but that wasn't the solution.


You can stare at a few pictures of the errors here, if that amuses you, but they're not that interesting.