Symphony X

with Stygian, Echoes and Eternity, and Sanctity

by Alejandro Ochoa García

Concert review.


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Chris and Raja came with me

7:30 PM - Stygian

A local band (Philly) with many followers in the venue. They seemed like cool guys, and they had fun guitar riffs and leads, but their sound wasn't mixed well enough compared to the other bands. They closed with an excellent cover of Damage Inc. (Metallica), which drove the fans crazy and managed to create a mosh pit, rare for local openers.

8:15 PM - Echoes and Eternity

This band had a much tighter sound than the first, but were much more boring otherwise. They had an attractive female singer, but she didn't really have a rock attitude and seemed desperate for attention. While thinking what was wrong about her, I thought it could have helped if she seemed more pissed off. She was too cute to be metal. But the obvious problem was that she kept flashing us with her cleavage, usually pretending to headbang. I guess I just think a rock start that takes herself seriously should try to charm us with her music rather than her body. Her voice was decent, very good with enough reverb. I think the band had a good sound, and would have been pleased if they had played a single song, but I hate bands like this one that all their songs sound the same.

9:00 PM - Sanctity

The band members seemed pretty geeky, but in a good way. They had a really good show going on. The music was better than the previous bands, and they aroused the audience a lot better too. I remember them mentioning two song, Road to Bloodshed, dedicated to "all the special ladies in that special time of the month" (paraphrased), and a song with the chorus "why won't you fade away", apparently a single.

9:50 PM - Symphony X

This is an excellent band. Too bad I didn't know their songs well (this is not the first time I go to a concert without knowing the headliner well). Compared to the rest of the bands, this one had a lights and fog show on top of the music, which added much to the mood. All the musicians played excellently, the guitarrist is a god, the keyboardist pulled out incredible sounds, the bass player was fast and firm, the drummer had a lot of power and precision, and the singer had a soft yet tough voice, and a unique style. For the encore, after a short break, they finished off with The Odyssey. It was the perfect end of the night.